Sourcing a Completely Local Thanksgiving Meal

My family is all about the traditional dishes at Thanksgiving: mashed sweet potatoes, green bean casserole with crunchy onions on top, traditional bread stuffing. We usually have two kinds of cranberry sauce: fresh and jellied. My grandmother also brings some regional Pennsylvania-Dutch fare, such as corn pudding, red beet eggs, and apple butter (recipe here).  Sometimes we’ll throw in a new recipe just to keep it interesting, like turnip potato mash (recipe here) or butternut squash soup (recipe here).

We have six people in my immediate family, plus spouses, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins make for a very large Thanksgiving table. We all know exactly what we want, and so do most other Americans. That’s why farms and bakeries across the country are raising hundreds of turkeys and baking hundreds of pies.

Whether you’re picking up a pre-made pie or looking to bake one from scratch, we’ve got a long list of vendors to choose from for sourcing your completely local Thanksgiving meal. Choose from places for turkey, pie, side dishes, or a one-stop shop for a complete meal.


Stillman Quality Meats, Hardwick MA

Fresh turkeys are raised under strict standards of animal welfare and custom processed on our farm in our state of the art poultry abattoir.  Our turkeys are all pasture raised and fed all natural diets, free of antibiotics. Prices range from $80-150+ for a traditional bird or $120 for a heritage type turkey. Pick-up is available in Western MA, at the farm in Hardwick, and in the Boston area, including our stall at the Boston Public Market (Stall 30). Fresh turkeys will be available for pick up the week before Thanksgiving. 

Hettie Belle Farm, Warwick MA

Pasture-based family farm raising high quality, grass-fed, and organically-raised meat and poultry for local families. Holiday turkeys range from 18-28 lb and are sold at a flat rate of $100 each. These heritage breed turkeys are raised on grass and fed only certified organic grain. Also for purchase: holiday geese, chickens and ducks. Can be picked up on the farm in Warwick or in Northampton. Find the poultry order form or place an order directly online.

Mayflower Poultry Company, Cambridge MA

All poultry is hormone and antibiotic free, and free-range and organic poultry is available upon request.  We even carry some Halal products. While our reputation was built on fresh poultry, we stock a wide variety of both fresh and frozen Beef, Pork, Lamb, Goat, Rabbit and Game Birds. Order yours now and pick it up at the historic location in Cambridge for a Thanksgiving that’s rooted in history.

Lilac Hedge Farm, Berlin MA

Lilac Hedge Farm is committed to sustainably raising meat, so it sources all of its turkey feed from other Massachusetts’ farmers in order to support the local industry. The farm’s pasture-raised turkeys are not treated with antibiotics, steroids or growth hormones, so you can feel good about feeding them to your family. Pick up a Lilac Hedge Farm fresh turkey from one of its Boston-area farmers market booths or the Boston Public Market.


Dudley Cafe, Roxbury MA

We make all of our pies from scratch with eggs, brown sugar and NO CORN SYRUP.  One of our 10” pies serves 8-10 people. Choose from apple – $22, pumpkin – $22,  or pecan Bourbon – $24. Deadline to order: November 21st @ 3pm

Ever So Humble Pie Company, Walpole MA

Our all-natural, ready-to-bake pies are chock full of juicy, farm fresh fruit wrapped in a delicate, flaky pastry with NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives and absolutely NO hydrogenated oils or trans fat! All our double crust fruit pies are 100% free of animal products and are suitable for a Vegetarian lifestyle. Our pies can be purchased from retail locations across Boston and metrowest. 

One-Stop Shopping for Turkey, Pie and Side Dishes

Diemand Farm, Wendell MA

All turkeys are free range, pastured, and antibiotic free. The farm store also sells a variety of prepared foods  on-site, including fruit pies, stuffing, gravy (made with Four Star Farms flour), cran-orange or cran-apple relish(also made with local apples), butternut squash (from Joe in Hadley) and much more. Call or visit the farm store, open Monday-Saturday 7am-5pm, and Sunday 10am-3pm through Thanksgiving.

Bob’s Turkey Farm, Lancaster MA

All of our turkeys are fed a well-balanced grain diet. Our birds are grown in barns and outdoor pens, free to move around as they wish. Turkeys are sold through their farm store, and the farm store also sells prepared turkey pies, apple pies, soups, and sides all prepared on site. Turkey $3.09 per pound, but price may change. Turkeys also available at: Idylwilde Farms (Acton), Lowe’s Variety and Meat Shop (Northborough), Savenor’s Market (Cambridge)

Ward’s Berry Farm, Sharon MA

Fresh, native turkeys from Haley’s Turkey Ranch in Brimfield, Massachusetts. Haley’s turkeys are all grain-fed hens raised in clean living conditions. Ward’s also makes pies, breads, crisps and carries breads from Iggy’s in Cambridge. Turkey ordering deadline November 18th. Baked good orders deadline by November 21st.

Volante Farm, Needham MA

Volante Farms carries turkeys from Bob’s Turkey Farm (above) and Stonewood Farm in Vermont. You can order up to two birds, large pans of sides, and multiple desserts. Take a look at our menu to see what wonderful dishes in addition to Turkey we have available for you. All turkeys are $4.75/lb. Turkey sizing – assume 2 lb. per adult, 1.5 lbs. for light eaters, and a half pound per child. In addition to ordering, Volante Farms is a large market that grows and carries fresh, local produce for the rest of your shopping.

Verrill Farm, Concord MA

Verrill Farm carries turkeys from Stonewood Farm in Vermont. Turkeys are sold in 2 lb. increments from 14 – 16 lbs to 28 – 30 lbs. All sizes $3.99 per lb. Verrill Farms also has the most extensive dessert and side dish menu, so check out their website if you’re looking for a place to make your entire. You can also purchase floral arrangements. Give us a call with your order at (978)369-4494.

Didn’t find what you were looking for on this list? Search by your zip code here for a complete listing of turkey, pie and holiday fare.

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