Roast, Simmer, Purée

You guessed it: this post is about making soup. It’s about the great endeavor called making soup. I received another butternut squash in my Stearns Farm CSA, and so I vowed to make soup for the first time ever. After pouring over lots of recipes, I was dismayed to find that making soup was generally a three step process….

Fall Vegetables Tempura

Last week I received a delicata squash in my Stearns Farm CSA share, and this week I received a butternut squash. That’s just too many squashes to have sitting around, so I decided to tempura the delicata. You can drop just about anything in batter and pan fry it, and I love to tempura my vegetables….

Local Craft Spirits Festival

The Clean Food Club stopped by the Local Craft Spirits Festival yesterday, hosted by the Sustainable Business Network of Massachusetts, in the Central Square Cultural District, Cambridge MA. Hundreds of patrons gathered to celebrate local spirits, artisan beverages and craft brews. We talked to the makers behind distilled spirits and craft beverages, watched some cocktail demos and oyster shucking, and generally had a…

Meet the Veggieman

Have you ever come home from work to find a box by your front door? Maybe it’s the new pair of shoes your ordered or, perhaps less exciting, it’s a replacement piece for the dishwasher? Nope, it’s a beautiful box of fresh produce. Wonder how it got there? Over the last couple of months, The Clean Food…

Stuffed Bell Peppers

There’s one more week left in the outdoor Natick Farmers Market, but already more than half of the vendors have moved inside. Today was cold and windy, just like the week that came before it. The vendors are still selling all the fall veggies, and it’s amazing to see kohlrabi, cabbage and kale, that first appeared in the spring, come…